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Event Management Software – Choose the Best for Your Event.

Technology is driving event planning and management today.  Having the right event management software is important to making managing your events easier.

Depending on the size and scope of your event, event management software features and benefits are an important part of your events success.

Here are some of the questions you should answer before deciding on an event management software solution.

Is the Software Easy to Use?

The software you choose should be easy and intuitive to use. Software elements should be easy to use and  clearly labeled. Help topics should be easy to find and read. Examples and pictures that demonstrate functionality should be readily available.

Does the software make the process of creating a registration website easy?

Registration websites are essential to event management. Your event management software should make the process of capturing registrant information easy. The software should allow you to easily manage registration data and allow you to process payments, if needed.

Can the software be easily tailored for your event?

The software should allow you to customize the colors, graphics and other properties of the event registration website to reflect your firm’s brand. The software developers should be able to customize the software quickly if you have any special needs.

Does the software work on all browsers?

Most of the time web browsers display websites properly but sometimes there are problems. It’s important that your event management software has been tested on all of the popular web browsers to avoid display issues. It is also important that the software provider has the technical skills to quickly fix technical issues that may arise if there is a problem with your site in a specific browser.

Will your registration website be mobile friendly?

Tablets and mobile phones all have browsers and mobile usage is exploding. Will your event registration website be mobile friendly? Will the site be easy to read on iPads and other mobile devices? Making sure your  registration website is mobile- ready will increase visibility and registrations.

Does the software allow you to offer credit card and other payment options?

Your event management software should make integrating credit card payments easy. The software should integrate easily with the information provided by your credit card provider. If you don’t have a credit card processor, the event management software vendor may have a process in place to allow you to process credit card payments using their provider.

Does the software allow custom emails?

Before, during and after the event, you are going to want to easily send emails to event attendees and others. The event management software you choose should make it easy for you to  customize and send email.

Is the software clearly and competitively priced?

Does the vendor provide clear pricing? Are there any hidden fees? Some event management software is free but the more robust software solutions require a fee for use.

These are just some of the questions to consider when picking event management software and an event management software vendor.

Be clear about your event production needs and have planned many of the aspects of your event before choosing an event management software vendor.


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