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Business Conference Planning Tips



Having a business conference can bring great benefits to your business. A Conference brings industry experts, customers and others together to network, learn and  generate new business.

But a business conference requires careful planning and  organization. So whether it’s your 1st or 20th conference these tips can help make your conference a success.

Start As Early As Possible

When planning a conference, the earlier the better. If you can, plan a year out. By starting early, you have venue flexibility, budget flexibility and a host of other advantages. Remember the best of everything is booked early.

Develop a Budget

If you’ve never hosted an event, do some research. If you have hosted an event, review previous budgets. But most importantly, develop a budget and stick to it as best as possible.

Also, update the budget regularly. Make sure that your budget has accurate numbers. It’s easy to overspend when hosting an event, so a strict and up to date budget helps keep spending under control.

Put Someone in Charge.

Find someone in your organization that can be trusted to manage the budget and the details of the event. If needed hire an event  planner.  Depending on the size and scope of your event, you may need both.

Decide in advance what decisions the person can make. Can they change the agenda, move session rooms, and  hire vendors? Can they make menu changes? All of these questions must be answered,  before  the event.  But often they must be made by someone and often quickly. So put someone in charge.

Take Advantage of Technology

Technology can make hosting a conference much easier. Technology can be used to manage the entire process, from creating budgets, handling registrations and providing reports to determine the events success.

Capture your registrants cell phone numbers and social media account information to make it easier to stay in touch.

Use cloud based software so event reports and other information is available to everyone at anytime.

Use technology to make your event a success.

Hosting a  conference can be great for businesses. A conference can educate customers, expand business, create thought leaders and more. But business conference require careful planning and organization and the sooner the process starts the better.


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