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What’s New For February, 2019

February saw some very useful enhancements now become live for our customers:

API Access now available – From your Set-Up menu, API keys can now be generated to allow 3rd party services to query your events registrants and sessions. You can also mark registrants as attended for an individual session or the event itself.

Data Encrypted At Rest – To better protect our clients, our databases are now securely encrypted at rest within the Amazon hosting service.

Default Registration Page SSL – All new events will now show as being under secure SSL by default. Legacy events can also turn this on under their Event Preferences.

Admin Only Survey Options – Individual survey options can now be marked as only available for an event administrator and hidden from the general public.

Dynamic Badge Content – Badge Label fields can how be configured to show dynamic content based on what sessions or sales items each registrant has selected. This is very useful if you would like to print directly on the badge if certain purchases have been made.

Company Level Invitations – In Event Preferences, you can now set an event to only allow registrations for email domains that you have in a email contact list for the event. This is very useful if you need to allow invitations to be shared within a company, but do not want to allow outside organizations to register.