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What Your Attendees Really Care about for Events


When planning a big event, there are several little details that need attending to. Should you have a seating chart or just let the attendees sit where they would like? What is the theme? What are you going to serve for food? All these details can easily become overwhelming. However, there are some details that your attendees will actually care about and others that they simply do not notice, or even if they do notice, do not care about. So, what will your attendees really care about and what will they not think twice about?

The first impression your attendees will have about your event is the invites and how to RSVP. As long as your invites have the important information and look nice, they don’t really care about the designs of them. However, RSVPing can take a lot of time if not set up well. However, using online event registration especially for non-profit events, can make both organization easier for both you and your attendees. An easy way to RSVP is extremely important to your attendees. No one likes to have to look for stamps or write lengthy notes just to say they are coming to an event.

Your attendees will care about the personal touches, such as your theme and decor, you add to your event. These are what make your event stand out amongst all the other events that they might go to in a year. Your attendees will also care about the efficiency of the service. If you are doing a sit down dinner, your attendees certainly care if their friends are done eating and they have not received their meals yet. They will also care about the quality of the food. No one likes food that tastes like mush or a salad that still has dirt on it.

However, they will not care about other aspects that most hosts think they will. For example, attendees do not care if the activities of an event are not running exactly on time. Most likely, they do not even know what the schedule is. If something takes a little longer because attendees are having fun, let that activity end more organically. They also do not care if all of the planned activities occur. If there is not time, it is ok to let go of some things. Most attendees will not even notice the difference. They also do not care about the really picky little details such as all of the napkins and tablecloths being placed exactly correctly or all of the flowers being angled at an exact angle to each other.

So, keep your eye on the prize and do not panic too much. Your attendees will love your event as long as you pay attention to the big details. The little ones will fall where they may and your attendees will be none the wiser.

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