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Using Event Planner Software Ensures the Success of Your Special Event


So you are assigned the task of spearheading your groups next holiday event or your company’s corporate gathering. You will no doubt take your personal talent as a great host or party organizer for friends and family, to the next level. This is your opportunity to shine!

It will be helpful to understand that organizing a larger group with very specific requirements will be considerably more demanding. As you tackle all the tasks and details of the event, you soon learn the better organized you are, the smoother your plans will go.

As an event manager, your main objective is to provide all that your organization needs to pull off a stunningly successful event – and to do it without any faux-pas. Using event planner software, your task is simplified by having a single home all your event information. Here are highlights of what this software offers to save time and anxiety associated with managing events.

  • Customizable event portal where you create your landing page with built-in, easy to use themes that reflect the style and look which best represent your organization’s brand. Unlimited multi-page ability to include hotel information, agenda, maps and directions, speaker information and more.
  • Class and workshop registration built-in software which tracks attendees, maximum number of attendees, collection of fees, automatic upgrade from waiting list to available list are just a few of the functions included.
  • Group/Table registration allows attendants to register as a group and sit at the same table without hassle. Easily assigns group discounts and sends email confirmations.
  • Online payment processing provides a secure, PCI compliant, gateway to your PayPal account. Selling cut-off dates, VIP and promotional sales, and early-bird discounts are easily handled with event planning software. Sales reports will allow you to see your progress and profits easily.
  • Registrant Survey captures useful feedback for your organization. Standard forms or customizable templates are available.

Take the worry and considerable time obligation out of your next planned function. Feel free to sign up today for more information concerning event planning software for your next special event.