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Try a Virtual Fundraiser With Online Event Registration


As a non-profit organization with a mission to serve your community, you want to be able to do as much good as possible. Unfortunately, doing good usually comes with a price tag, and the more good you want to do, the heftier that price tag becomes.

Many non-profit organizations find themselves splitting their time between accomplishing their mission statement and planning and executing fundraisers to make their work possible.

However, it can be painful for a small non-profit to spend so much money and effort planning a physical event, when they know that all of that money and time would be better used serving the community.

Why not think outside the box and try something a little different this year? Instead of throwing a physical party or planning a fundraising event where you will have to spend money, plan a virtual event. Send out full invitations and promote it just like a real event, but then explain that instead of spending the organization’s money on snacks, drinks, reception venues and auction items, you’re going to spend your money fulfilling your mission. Many of your regular donors will appreciate your fiscally responsible approach to fundraising and won’t miss the party.

Offer online event registration, asking people to RSVP to the “virtual party.” The list of people who RSVP online will be people you can expect a donation from. Ask them to invite their friends and family to the “virtual party” as well. Ask them to submit photos of them celebrating the “un-party” in their best black tie attire to all their social media pages, tagging friends in a post and asking them to donate money, post their “un-party” photo and make a donation.

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