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Top Notch Event Planning Software for Non-Profits Short on Office Help


It’s no secret that planning a major fundraising event takes people, and a lot of them. Unfortunately, not all non-profits have the luxury of being able to pull from a large talent pool whenever necessary. For those that don’t enjoy an endless parade of willing volunteers, there is event planning software. Choose the right one and even non-profits working with skeleton office crews can knock out big projects in little time. But which brand of event planning software is the right one?

Does it Effortless Handle Routine Tasks?

Non-profits should be on the lookout for event planning software that streamlines as much of the routine office work as possible. That includes online payment processing, group discounting, event registration, registrant surveys, name badges and table seating. But the event planning software’s capabilities shouldn’t end there. Not by a long shot.

What About Promotion and Branding Activities?

Promoting fundraising events, analyzing return on investment and taking care of ongoing branding efforts are all important too. As such, it is vital to choose a platform that makes all of those activities quick and easy for skeleton office crews. Examples of promotional aids available with some of today’s event planning software include, but are not restrained to custom reporting, automatic e-mail alerts, social media connectivity and integration with other popular software (e.g. SalesForce).

Is it Nimble and Versatile Enough to Stop Growing Pains?

Furthermore, keep in mind that non-profits are not static or made with same cookie cutters. Therefore, event planning software should be nimble and versatile enough to accommodate the organization’s niche activities and grow with their donor pool. For example, some event planning software offer features that make adding custom video, event graphics, banners and custom landing pages to the mix as simple as clicking a few buttons.

How Many Events Can it Manage at One Time?

There is even an event software program designed to help skeleton crews manage more than one critical fundraising event at a time. To learn more about it and how the software can make any size non-profit extremely productive, please try rsvpBOOK today.