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Tips for Using Planning Software to Create a Memorable Event


Great events do not just spontaneously happen and it is important to create a detailed plan to make sure your next church picnic, corporate conference, non-profit fundraiser or other unique gathering is a success. Event planners offer these tips to make sure your next event stays unforgettable for the right reasons.

Creating Invitations

A perfect event requires a specific and well-considered guest list. Will you be inviting just your staff or will your invitation also include families? Will you be hosting events for children or will the event focus on adult activities? What time will most of your guests be available? By crafting your invitations clearly, guests will know who to bring and what to expect at your next event. Event planning software can create customized e-mail invitations and provide personalized information for each guest who RSVPs. You can even create name badges for your attendees.

Picking a Venue and Sessions

The venue you choose often sets the tone and style of your corporate or family event. Whether a state park, a picturesque beach, an upscale museum garden, or a modern conference center, be creative and considerate of your guests’ needs. Once you choose where to have your party, you will need to consider what type of sessions will match the tone of your event. Will you need to accommodate guest speakers or a luncheon? You can communicate all these options directly to your guests through a customized schedule tailored specifically for your event.

Evaluating Your Event

With such detailed planning, you will want your guests to remember both your event and the exciting company which hosted it. Consider customized invitations, posters, or banners which advertise the event. These personalized touches set your company apart with sophisticated style. Event registration software can help you see which sessions were the best attended and can even provide surveys to get custom feedback on your event.

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