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Three Reasons to use Event Planning Software


Anyone who has ever coordinated a corporate or nonprofit event knows that it’s a whole lot of planning and not a lot of party. You can find yourself quickly buried in spreadsheets and to-do lists, and critical tasks often get lost in the shuffle. rsvpBOOK is the premier event planning software to maximize your efforts.

You’ve never considered such a solution? Here are three great reasons to try rsvpBOOK when planning your next event.

Professional Appearance

A slick website outlining your event helps provide a polished, professional appearance. In today’s net-savvy world, people expect to be able to find information online quickly and easily. rsvpBOOK allows you to market your event in a tech-current format, showing your prospective attendees that you are fresh and engaged.

Online Data Collection

By hosting your registration online, you’re able to collect data that can later be sorted by multiple parameters. This helps you to build a robust database that can be segmented by specific subcategories for future events. Why reinvent the wheel each time? Let us help you maintain a current wealth of data that continues working for you long after the balloons have shriveled and the cake has gone stale.

Simplified Communications

Hosting your event management online allows you to quickly and easily reach out to any or all of your attendees as the affair date draws near. It affords you a trackable way to communicate instructions or changes. People will appreciate the user-friendly interface. Don’t alienate attendees or donors with confusing registration processes, let rsvpBOOK simplify your communications.

You are the expert in your industry. By using rsvpBOOK to coordinate your events, you are free to spend your time where it matters more. Let us help you manage the details so that you can focus on your fundraising.

Give rsvpBOOK a try today!