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Spice up your holiday party with these 3 ideas!

Spice up your holiday party with these 3 ideas! 


The best ideas for holiday work parties are the ones that make people laugh and smile. Be creative and don’t be afraid to ask your co-workers to participate. You might be surprised at what you can do with a little creativity!


Spice up Holiday Party

Gag Gifts

It is much easier to give funny gifts than traditional presents when you are working with a variety of personalities. Popular ideas for gag gifting include finding the worst gift under $5, or having a mystery draw of wrapped gifts where only a few items are actually worth keeping. Just be sure to keep it clean or Monday morning will be awkward!


Best Dessert Contest

Normally, I do not recommend asking guests to bring food because it can be disorganized, but a homemade dessert table typically works well for everyone. You should add a few basic guidelines like a registration form to insure you get a variety and enough dessert for everyone to participate in judging. Another way to build the excitement is to add different categories. My favorite category is most unusual ingredient used (be careful, this one could lead to a couple disgusting desserts).


Around the World Cuisine

Spice up your food selections by featuring a menu with food from around the world. The most common choices are Mexican, Italian and Asian foods, but don’t forget about traditional Christmas cuisine from places like Costa Rica, Trinidad, Spain and Germany. You can find delicious recipes and ideas online and pass on to the catering company/chef.