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Raise More Dollars With Your Invitations and Online Event Registration


Your event invitation is the first glimpse guests will have of your exciting fundraiser. Why not make your invitation work for you and help you reach your revenue goal? Integrate your event planning software into your invitation mailing, and your guests will have no reason to hesitate when they open that envelope.

Your event software will provide you with a link to your event registration page. Copy and paste that link in your invitations near the RSVP information or on the RSVP card. Most likely, your guests will be near their computers or tablets when opening the mail and can quickly open your event registration webpage for tickets.

When including the event registration link, some word processing software might automatically convert the link to an underlined hyperlink after you type it. Remove this underline formatting for better design and readability. Also be aware that some script fonts are difficult to read when written as URL text.

If space on your invitation is an issue, or if you want to add some tech sophistication to your invitation, shorten your event planning software registration page with a URL shortener. Popular free shorteners include Google’s goo.gl, bit.ly, or TinyURL. Many give you the option to customize the URL with the name of your event or organization.

Make it easy for those who can’t attend to support your event and include a “donation” item on your event registration page. Set the donation item to $1 and let donors choose the quantity. In your invitation, include text noting that if invitees can’t attend, please consider making a donation on the event registration page.

The fewer steps your guests take to buy their tickets, the more likely they are to have a positive experience. And when it comes to nonprofit fundraising, a positive experience can lead to bigger donations the night of your event.

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