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Nurse Training Management for the Zika Virus


With concern over the Zika virus spreading worldwide, hospitals are preparing to offer additional training for staff to recognize the symptoms early and provide effective treatment. Centralized management of such training is crucial for success.

Online services such as rsvpBOOK.com can help ensure the success of your training program. Timeslot management, Continuing Education credit tracking, one-click reporting, automatic email reminders and non-profit discounts all come together to let you make the most of your time and resources.


rsvpBOOK is utilized primarily to provide course registration for the employees participating in continuing education programs. Because lifelong learning is the responsibility of the professional and is essential to maintain and increase competence in job functions, we utilize rsvpBOOK to manage the educational records of thousands of employee/learners.

rsvpBOOK has been invaluable in enabling the Education Department to seamlessly manage the registration and reporting of employee learners in their continuing education courses.

– Donna Walton, St. Joseph’s Healthcare System


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