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Non-Profit Event Registration Makes Fundraising Easier

Your non-profit does amazing work. You believe in your purpose and vision. But your group relies on community support, so it spends more and more time on public relations. You find that you must continually inform the community about the group’s mission and document the impact of your efforts. This is taking you and your volunteers away from the work that you value.

This situation is almost universal with non-profits. Publicity and fundraising is critical to the organization’s survival. Competing for funding is difficult. As a result, non-profit employees and volunteers often spend valuable time and energy organizing events. And it is exhausting.

Wouldn’t it be ideal if you could maximize the result of your fundraising efforts, but decrease the amount of time your group spends every year planning, organizing and advertising? Wouldn’t if be helpful if you could get a report on your event at any time? What if you could gather feedback concerning group goals and community perception of your organization?

Fundraising can be so much easier with a useful resource that can provide many services to help your organization operate more effectively. The service is rsvpBOOK, a non-profit event registration tool that organizes and manages every aspect of your important events directed by your guidance and input. With rsvpBOOK, you can communicate with your target audience through e-mails sent before, during, and after each event. This correspondence reflects the group’s needs. It could include pictures, mission statement, registration, tickets, schedules of workshops, questions and surveys. And a report on the event is always available with rsvpBOOK to help as you look to future planning.

With rsvpBOOK, you will have more time to spend on the work you feel passionate about. Try rsvpBOOK for yourself and see how simple it is to plan effective events in much less time!