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Let Online Event Registration Contribute to the Success of Your Next Non-Profit Event


Planning a non-profit event necessitates using time wisely. One great contribution to effective time management is online event registration. Consider just a few reasons why:

  • Online registration takes away the need for personnel to manually transfer information. After paper and email registration, the registrants’ information is usually typed into a database to ensure everything is in one file. Online event registration captures registrants’ information from the source and you don’t need to retype it. This reduces possible data entry errors since the information goes directly from the person into the system. Registrants can receive email confirmation.
  • There’s no need to spend time on the phone taking payments. Registrants enter own their credit card information quickly and securely. This also reduces possible errors entering long credit card numbers.
  • All the information is at your fingertips and you can arrange it into custom reports as needed. This is a useful way to analyze demographics and review sales summaries. Additionally, you can easily send the reports to other members of your organization.
  • Since all of the information is already in the system, you can use it to create badges and certificates for your event. Our services include these options.
  • When you’re ready to plan future events, you can use the information to generate mailing lists based on interests or past activities. You can save hours of time that you would’ve spent sifting through mounds of information.
  • You can easily manage follow-up with attendees with post-event surveys or other information.

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