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How Online Event Registration for Non-profits Can Add Time to Your Day


Would you like to add more time to your day? Fundraisers, conferences, training sessions, and other non-profit or church events require a great deal of time and energy to plan and execute. The expenditure of time and energy falls on you, the event coordinator, and your assistants. For you, extra time is like a dream come true.

Overworked staff and not enough volunteers is reality for non-profits. Time is a priceless commodity. Online event registration for non profits is your much-needed assistant taking care of a multitude of tedious tasks to free you to focus on the event itself.

Think of the hours you or your staff spend creating databases, drafting e-mails, and making phone calls. You work long hours, stay up late, and deplete your energy. Your schedule is tight and exhausting. You put together incredible fundraisers and unforgettable conferences, but you pay a high price. We don’t have a genie in a bottle to solve all of your challenges, but we do have a new assistant for you. rsvpBook will add hours to your day. Doing the registration work for you will ease the burden on you and your staff. Imagine having time and energy to devote to adding creative and personal touches to your events without draining yourself dry.

Delegation is a tool that has long been used by executives to create more time in their day. The genius of delegation is assessing which tasks must be done by a specific person and which tasks can be passed along to someone else. Delegation distributes tasks so that each person can focus his or her energy where it is most needed. Delegating responsibility is a powerful way to create time and energy for a busy non-profit event planner and his or her assistants. Delegate your registration process and try rsvpBOOK for your next event.