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Event Planner Software For Small Non-Profits


For the small or new non-profit organization, planning an event can be a real nightmare. There are so many things to keep track of, and even more that needs to get done, that often a small group just does not have the number of people it needs to do the job right.

Event planner software is the real solution your small non-profit needs to succeed at any type of event, no matter the size. The right software, backed up by knowledgeable experts and a huge database of helpful articles, will make your huge event manageable by one or two people, so even your little group can dream big for its next event.

Choosing the right event planner software is extremely important even for the largest corporation, for your small group it becomes the difference in having an event at all. The software you choose needs to be rich in all the right features, not just pretty pictures with little support.

Features you should insist on include

  • Different types of registration on the included website. You should not be limited to just individual registration, groups might want to register together to get a discount, and you absolutely must have table registration possible if you are planning for a fundraising dinner.
  • Setting up sessions, classes or workshops for your events often help sell the event itself, so your planner software should have several ways for you to set up and include, either as a package or individually, these items for your event.
  • Online payment processing that is secure is a must, there is nothing more important than knowing your event goers and their financial information are safe.
  • Integrated tools to speak to your event goers in all the standard social media outlets and email. You need to be able to send information to your customers, and you need them to spread the word to their friends about your event.
  • Management tools that make every event easy to start, run, finish, and analyze such as extensive support capabilities, custom reports, personalized badges, and automatic reports.

Try rsvpBOOK today and get all of this, and so much more than you ever imagined, for your next event.