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Event Management Software: Preparing for a second wave of COVID-19

With the possibility of a second wave of COVID-19 hitting the nation this fall, many event organizers are stuck trying to balance attendee safety with providing needed training and information for the upcoming year. In addition to temperature checks and sanitizing stations, there are some event management changes that can help minimize spread.

Tracking Event Size

Determine what attendee count your event is aiming for once you factor in social distancing and other safety practices. By using an online registration system with an event cutoff setting, you can prevent your event from going over your intended capacity limits automatically.

When your event becomes full, providing a waitlist request form can let you collect contact information from interested registrants. Those contacts can be at the top of the invitation list for the next event.

Break Up Large Events

Rather than having one full conference hall, see if you can break it up. Split the group up into smaller workshops, each with a limited seating capacity to enforce seat distancing. This can also be combined with virtual workshops to allow the attendees to have greater interaction with the presenter.

Provide Materials Electronically

By providing workshop materials digitally, you gain two advantages: a point of physical contact with all attendees can be eliminated and you make it easier for attendees to reference content after the workshop ends. A good online registration provider will be able to provide general event materials as well as workshop specific materials to your registrants.

Offer Virtual Workshops

By presenting your workshops as webinars, you can get full participation from attendees who cannot be there in person. If you will be working with several presenters, speak with them beforehand and see if they have a preference in webinar providers. Another trait of an effective online provider will be to allow you to connect different services to each workshop time, depending on your presenter’s needs.

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