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Arizona Measles Outbreak Confirms Need for Training Management



An outbreak of measles that started at the Eloy Detention Center has now grown to 11 confirmed  cases. Health officials have identified 14 locations in Pinal and Maricopa county where infected  workers may have exposed other people, including stores, restaurants and a tribal casino. Measles is a highly contagious viral illness and symptoms can appear up to 21 days after exposure.

Due to the contagious nature of the illness, hospitals and doctors’ offices are preparing for an influx of patients with potential matching symptoms. The rapid development of this case highlights the need for medical staff to remain up to date on training throughout the year. For a large hospital, the management of staff and credits earned can be a formidable task.

Using an online registration service can streamline this task immensely. Staff can select their own classes from available timeslots, and administrators can get real time reports of all completed training. This will ensure that your staff has the knowledge and resources to tackle an emergency situation as it unfolds.


rsvpBOOK is utilized primarily to provide course registration for the employees participating in continuing education programs. Because lifelong learning is the responsibility of the professional and is essential to maintain and increase competence in job functions, we utilize rsvpBOOK to manage the educational records of thousands of employee/learners.

rsvpBOOK has been invaluable in enabling the Education Department to seamlessly manage the registration and reporting of employee learners in their continuing education courses.

– Donna Walton, St. Joseph’s Healthcare System


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