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2023 New Features – January

We have been busy this year adding all sorts of useful new features to help streamline your events. Below is a rundown of all of our new January additions:

  • The ability to copy events can now be assigned to other users in your Event Access Manager on the Member Dashboard
  • Other users can now be granted access to manager your Event Selection Landing Pages through your Event Access Manager
  • Waitlisted sessions can now optionally be ignored against minimum/maximum registration requirements
  • Registrants can optionally be blocked from being able to make changes to their session selections after making their initial registration
  • When offering Room Block registrations, the prompts about sharing and adjoining rooms can now be hidden if desired
  • On the Registrant List, a Discount Manager now lets you delete discounts assigned to a registrant
  • In the Registrant Mobile App, the display name for the Venue button can now be customized in the app
  • If registrants are automatically inlisted to a session with multiple days and conflict blocking, conflicts across all days and time are now removed as expected
  • Edit My Event is now scheduled for end of live on 5/1/2023. If you need to share access to your event with 3rd party users, please use the Event Access Manager in your Member Dashboard.