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2023 New Features – February

We have been busy this year adding all sorts of useful new features to help streamline your events. Below is a rundown of all of our new February additions:

  • QR Code scanning for individual Sessions, as well as the Mass Session Check-in tool
  • QR Code scanning for the Event Check-in tool
  • Mobile App: Registrant activity can now be viewed from the Reports page
  • Mobile App: A new page called ‘My ID’ can now be enabled in your event app, providing quick access to the Registrant ID QR Code
  • Event Landing Page: Links can now be locked to a specific Registrant Type
  • Event Landing Page: Events can now be dragged to change their display order
  • Event Landing Page: Event Titles can now be edited from the action menu
  • Badge Wizard: A scannable QR Code of the registrants Mobile App link can be added to their namebadge
  • Badge Wizard: A Registrant ID QR Code can be added to a namebadge with a click now
  • Questions marked admin-only can now be automatically prepopulated with responses from an invitation list
  • Event Access Manager: The power of delegation can now be given to additional users managing your event. This could be used to allow a manager working with your event to be able to invite assistants that can also help.
  • Registrant Agenda entries now support bulk editing
  • Cross-Event reports now support secondary users building reports with your shared events, as long as the user has permission to access that event’s reports